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Welcome to Fizzy Hive, where we’re all about creating content that turns you into a go-to brand & excites your customers!

We love helping people & businesses get their message seen & their voices heard. 

So whether it’s for your social media, your blog, your website or your marketing, we can find a creative & exciting way to engage your audience, and get more leads coming to you.


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I’m Laura, the founder & creator of Fizzy Hive. With 15+ years of creative industry experience, I love working with business owners, designing exciting video & social media, to get you more leads & your audience engaged.

When I’m not creating brand-boosting designs, you’ll find me enjoying time with the fam, cooking at home, settling down to the latest boxset (can anyone say Money Heist) or with my 3 year old son climbing over my shoulders!

What We Offer

We listen & work to what you want to achieve. We help businesses to reach better:

  • Engagement
  • Sales & profit
  • Leads 
  • And a buzz around your brand… 

From simple one-off videos to whole strategies & campaigns, we’re here to help you take your business to the next level

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